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William D. — Verified Student Review

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“There are a number of people out there who provide lessons for the old blues greats, but when you hear the final product and compare it to the actual recording they can leave a lot to be desired. For whatever reason, the playing sounds nothing like the recording.

This is what sets Mitch apart from most of the others. Mitch shows you what is actually played on the recording, getting the notes right without adding unnecessary flourishes and embellishments.

His genuine enthusiasm and care for the music shows through his correspondence and his ability to capture nuances of the songs he teaches.”

Steve M. — Verified Student Review

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These lessons are mainly intended for blues guitar enthusiasts who would like to expand their repertoire, round-out their fundamentals, hone their theoretical and technical knowledge, or simply work with someone to hold them to their goals and progress.

With that being said, complete beginners and enthusiasts of other genres are more than welcome to purchase lessons. In such cases, we can discuss in more detail what you’d like to learn and if these lessons may be a helpful fit for you.

The roadmap is to ideally learn a song (in-depth) every 2-3 weeks, ensuring you completely understand it, and can “own” it for the future. 

Using the songs as the “conversation-starters”, we can dive into theoretical or technical concepts which are related. That way, you can hopefully easily understand the practical uses of the theory and technique.

Each lesson is for 45min, though there’s a 15min grace period in case small talk, setup time, or other wild-cards use up lesson time.

As a musician, my time is quite flexible during the day. Upon purchasing your lessons package, you’ll see that you can easily book a time that works well for you in the calendar.

If your schedule is irregular, we can chat more about it as a special case to ensure it works out.

Ideally, I’ll only teach 10 students at a time. Though, depending on the time of year this may be flexible. 

In case there’s currently no capacity for new students, I’ll immediately fully refund your purchase – no questions asked – and prioritize you on the lessons waiting list. Once an opening arises, I’ll reach out to you and in case you’re still looking for lessons at that time we can try again.

Your instructor is, myself; a Canadian named Mitchell Park, also known by the Youtube channel name of Blah148.

I began teaching on Youtube around 2011, and am excited to share as much I can about the guitar.

Yes — if the lessons you’ve purchased are yet to take place, you can have a those lessons refunded no problem.

As a default, we can use Zoom. Although, as a backup we can certainly use other options, such as Google Meet or Skype.

Yes and I’ll return your message within 1 day.

Here are the ways you can message me. 

i. Ploddings contact page

ii. Email

iii. Skype

iv. Discord

About Mitchell Park | Blah148

Your instructor is a Canadian named Mitchell Park, also known by the Youtube channel name of Blah148.

I began teaching on Youtube around 2011, and am excited to share as much I can about the guitar.

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